Epoxy Floor Coating Company Simpsonville SC

IronDrive Offers Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings in Simpsonville SC and surrounding areas.

Epoxy Floor Coating Company Simpsonville SC

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Professional Epoxy Floor Coating Services

IronDrive offers premier residential and commercial epoxy floor coating services in Simsponville SC. Our team is local, licensed, and insured to tackle any epoxy floor covering project thrown our way.

Your company’s security and safety are paramount. The material you choose for the flooring of your factory, warehouse, garages, and machine shops is quite important. Concrete is one of the most popular floor materials due to its durability and low cost. However, if you want to safeguard and extend the life of concrete flooring in an industrial setting, epoxy flooring should be used to protect your floor from heavy traffic, chemicals, abrasive materials, and more.

Iron Drive Garage Floors specializes in residential epoxy coatings and flooring options. Until recently, epoxy floorings were a must-have in commercial places, including auto showrooms and warehouses, but they are currently making a huge impact in Upstate, SC, and the surrounding areas because of the outstanding practicality and aesthetics.

If you are looking for top-notch epoxy garage floor, we’ve got you covered! Our Garage floor coatings are manufactured in several great-looking colors, including galaxy gray, carefree tan, southern tan, rocky road, and terracotta decorated with flakes to make your garage look classier. Epoxy floor coatings are durable, long-lasting, and are aesthetically pleasing compared to a typical concrete garage floor.

We’ve worked on hundreds of outdoor spaces that required creative solutions tailored to their specific needs. All of our epoxy patio coatings are 100 percent effective, which means they can endure any type of environmental condition, including ice, snow, UV rays, hot temperatures, rain, and so on. Our epoxy coatings are simple to maintain and clean, and they provide your patio the ability to withstand the weather while still looking great!

Epoxy Floor Covering Company Simpsonville

Epoxy Floor Covering Experts Simpsonville

IronDrive provides Epoxy Floor Coverings in a timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner. On every project, our team is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. To prepare your floor and apply our epoxy coatings, we use premium epoxy materials, proven processes, and qualified personnel. We are fully licensed and insured for all residential and commercial epoxy coating work. We understand that you want to work with a company that is both affordable and dependable for your next flooring project. As a result, all of the guesswork has been removed. Our experts will come to your home or business to assess the situation, inspect your floor, and provide you with a free estimate. It’s never been easier to improve the appearance and security of your home or business floors.

Commercial and Residential Epoxy Floor Covering Simpsonville

In Simsponville, SC, IronDrive specializes in commercial and residential epoxy coatings and flooring options. The material you choose for the flooring in your factory, warehouse, garages, machine shops, and so on is extremely important. Concrete is one of the most common floor surfaces due to its durability and low cost. However, if you want to protect and extend the life of your concrete flooring in a commercial or residential setting, you should consider installing epoxy flooring to protect your floor from heavy traffic, chemicals, abrasive elements, and other elements.

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We understand how difficult it can be to find the right contractor for your next epoxy floor covering project. Our Simpsonville team, on the other hand, is available to assist you at any time.
IronDrive is a family-run business that treats its customers like family.
We offer low-cost epoxy floor covering services for all types of properties.
The answer to why you should work with IronDrive is simple: we care.
With over 25 years of experience in the epoxy flooring industry, our team knows how to get the job done right the first time.
Give our team at IronDrive a call right now if you want to increase the value of your home or business while also protecting those who are important to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is here to answer any questions related to floor coating installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. Here are just a few of the questions we get asked on a regular basis.

Epoxy flooring is made up of a mixture of hardeners and resins that, when put together, cause a chemical reaction that hardens the substance into a solid material with extremely strong bonds. This makes it resistant to some of the most typical problems with concrete, such as fractures, water damage, stains, and so on.

Epoxy flooring has a smooth, seamless finish that is perfect for covering concrete. It doesn’t stain, is exceptionally resistant to damage, and is simple to clean with only mild soap and water because it’s a non-porous surface.
It’s also great for high-traffic rooms or spaces because it doesn’t degrade with time like concrete does. Finally, unlike bare or treated concrete flooring, it does not crack, so you won’t have to deal with that unsightly issue.

This is determined by the level of damage. We can easily repair stains and tiny cracks before laying the floor, but if there are large cracks or water damage, you may need to repair it before applying the epoxy.

The length of time it takes to put epoxy floor coating varies depending on the size of the area being coated, but in general, an average-sized garage takes two to three days. It’s vital to remember that no one can come into touch with the flooring (walking, driving, etc.) for at least 24 to 48 hours as it hardens, so make sure you’re ready to totally shut off the area.

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