Residential Epoxy Coatings Simpsonville SC

Our Team Offers Commercial Epoxy Coatings in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Columbia, Seneca, Clemson, Northeast Georgia and western North Carolina, and more.

Residential Epoxy Coatings Simpsonville SC

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Residential Epoxy Floor Covering Experts

IronDrive offers Epoxy Floor Coverings in a prompt, economical, and effective manner. On every project, our team is committed to providing results for our clients. To prepare your floor and apply our epoxy coatings, we make use of high-quality epoxy materials, tried-and-true procedures, and trained personnel. We are fully licensed and insured to perform any epoxy coating work in residential or commercial settings. We comprehend that you want to work with a company for your upcoming flooring project that is both affordable and reputable. As a result, all speculation is done away with. In order to assess the situation, evaluate your floor, and provide you with a free estimate, our professionals will visit your home or place of business. Enhancing the beauty and security of your home or office floors has never been simpler.


Looking For A Local Residential Epoxy Floor Covering Company Near Me?

We are aware of how challenging it can be to choose the best contractor for your upcoming epoxy flooring project. Contrarily, our team is based nearby and is prepared to assist you at any stage of the journey. Family-run IronDrive treats its clients like members of the family. We offer reasonably priced services for epoxy floor covering for all types of properties. Why should I work with IronDrive? The answer is straightforward: we care. Due to the more than 25 years of combined experience of our team in the epoxy flooring industries, we know how to complete tasks correctly the first time. Give our team at IronDrive a call right away if you want to increase the value of your home or business while also protecting your flooring.


Benefits Of Residential Epoxy Floor Coating

Residential epoxy coatings and flooring options are the main focus of IronDrive Garage Floors. Epoxy floor coverings have always been a necessity in commercial spaces, such as auto showrooms and warehouses, but they are currently having a significant impact in Simpsonville, South Carolina, and the nearby areas due to their exceptional functionality and beauty. For residential buildings, epoxy flooring is more durable than paint and other materials and more resistant to spills, oils, and grease. Due to all of these factors, homeowners are installing epoxy coatings in previously unheard-of places like their garage, patio, and floors inside their homes.


Residential Epoxy Coatings Simpsonville

Residential Floor Coatings

Are you sick of staring at your home’s dilapidated garage floor? To give your garage new life at the best price in town, IronDrive Garage Floors offers residential garage floor coatings.

Why Use IronDrive

Customers are treated like members of the IronDrive family because the business is family-owned. We offer inexpensive garage epoxy floor coating services. Why use IronDrive? The short answer is simply that we care.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

IronDrive offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. In every epoxy covering project we complete, we go above and beyond. IronDrive ought to be your first option since you can rely on its quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is here to answer any questions related to epoxy floor coverings, repair, and maintenance. Here are just a few of the questions we get asked on a regular basis.

The length of time it takes to put epoxy floor coating varies depending on the size of the area being coated, but in general, an average-sized garage takes two to three days. It’s vital to remember that no one can come into touch with the flooring (walking, driving, etc.) for at least 24 to 48 hours as it hardens, so make sure you’re ready to totally shut off the area.

Epoxy coatings endure longer than almost any other type of coating, and the nature of the chemicals in epoxy coatings makes them scratch resistant. In truth, epoxy flooring is not only scratch-resistant but also incredibly durable.

When new, epoxy flooring appears glossy and shiny, but it can fog over time. To keep the sheen on the floor, clean it at least once a year. You can do this by hosing down the entire floor with hot water and drying it with a squeegee. The goal is to get rid of any residues or cloudiness that can impair the floor’s appearance.

Although pressure washing is not required, you can use one to hose down an excessively dirty epoxy floor. Alternatively, you can hose clean the floor with a mixture of dishwashing soap and Simple Green.

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