Protect Your Garage Floor From The Elements

Garages are places subjected to different aggressions. They withstand high temperatures, foot traffic, vehicle traffic, oil leaks, harsh chemicals, and heavy equipment in some cases. Epoxy floor coatings are used because they have protective and endurance properties that withstand harsh elements and increase the lifespan of your property. While epoxy flooring has a durable and long-lasting surface. You can still take additional measures to make it even stronger and last more years. Protecting your garage floor from elements will help you get the most out of your investment and make your house look better.

5 Ways To Protect Your Epoxy Garage Floor From The Elements

1. Hire A Professional Team To Apply It

You’d be surprised to know that most of the problems that can arise on epoxy flooring aren’t the result of a bad product but the result of a poor installation. In order to apply epoxy flooring, you required a clean and porous surface so the material can adhere properly to the floor and in some cases, it is necessary to apply a primer to the surface. Proper preparation is important to ensure the product works perfectly. Hiring a company that has the experience and licensed technicians to complete the job will help you to protect the garage from elements.

2. Perform A Deep Cleaning Once A Year

The exposure to external elements and high foot traffic can make your epoxy flooring look dull and lose its sparkle so it is recommended that you clean it properly at least once a year to bring back its shine. You don’t need to use soap or harsh cleaners, just warm water and a squeegee will be enough to make your epoxy floor like newly installed.

3. Clean Up Chemicals As Fast As Possible

The fact that epoxy flooring is resistant to harsh chemicals and elements like oil or antifreeze doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean it. Harsh chemicals may have harmful health effects on your loved ones and cause some damage to the epoxy flooring if it sits there for too long. You can easily clean car chemicals with a paper towel or a cleaning cloth.

4. Get Rid Of Tire Marks & Oil Stains

Use a degreaser and let it sit for 10 minutes and get rid of tire marks and oil stains easily before they discoloration or wear down your epoxy flooring.

5. Use Additional Protection

Use mats and plywood as an extra layer of protection and prevent any scratches from the use of heavy equipment. Use a welding mat if you want to provide extra protection against the heat.

Protecting your garage epoxy floor isn’t going to take a lot, just perform a deep cleaning once a year, clean up the chemicals as soon as possible, and use mats or plywood to give the floor extra protection against harsh elements. We are a company locally owned and operated in Greenville, SC. We are experts on installing epoxy flooring and can provide you guidance on how to take care of your epoxy floor coatings and make them last longer. Taking care of your epoxy flooring is going to save you money and prevent it from wearing down. Follow the advice mentioned above and get the most out of your epoxy flooring.

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