Indoor Epoxy Floor Coatings

Indoor epoxy floor coatings are normally applied over concrete floors and can be suitable for your garage, warehouse, or the indoors of your commercial property where you need to improve the performance and durability of the floor. They consist of two components, a resin part, and a hardener part. It adheres to your concrete floor way better than regular paint and its main purpose is to improve the resistance and endurance of your floor. You can add different additives such as UV inhibitors and accelerators to achieve desired characteristics or pigments, glitter, and quartz aggregate to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Why Have Your Indoor Floor Epoxy Coated?

1. Affordable

Applying epoxy floor coatings is a cost-effective option to beautify and improve the performance of your floor without spending too much money. You don’t even have to pay to remove your current floor. Just apply it over it and save money on installation costs. Epoxy floor coatings allow you to have a more aesthetically pleasing and functional floor for half the price it would cost you to install a new floor.

2. Strong

Any indoor space has unique requirements and applying Epoxy floor coating can be recommended to achieve certain characteristics. If you own a warehouse where there is a lot of foot and vehicle traffic as well as handling of heavy equipment Epoxy flooring is your best option because it is resistant to shock.

3. Ideal For Garages

Garages are subjected to high temperatures, foot traffic, vehicle traffic and harmful chemicals that could affect the performance and durability of your floor drastically. Epoxy floor coating is resistant to heat, chemicals, and heavy equipment which makes it an ideal flooring option for Garages and similar places.

4. Durability

If you want to have a floor that last for many years to come without having to replace it Epoxy floor coating is the best choice in the market. Once a professional team applies it you won’t have to replace it for a long time or worry about expensive maintenance services. Thanks to its resistant and protective features it is one of longest lasting flooring options in the market.

5. It Looks Great

The fact that the main purpose of Epoxy floor coating is to protect your floor doesn’t mean that it has to look dull. Nowadays you get Epoxy floor coatings in a wide range of finishes whether it is metallic or polished. You can also get it in different pigments and with specific additives such as glitter and quartz. Epoxy floor coatings will give your indoor space style.

6. Protect Your Current Floor

Another great benefit of epoxy flooring is that it doesn’t allow molds and mildew to grow. This is a really great added bonus for your property, be it residential or commercial.

7. Safety

Epoxy flooring not only prevents wear and tear and helps to cover the defects of your current floor surface but it also increases the safety of your indoor spaces. It prevents the growth of mold and bacteria and you can also use additive to give it anti-slip properties to drastically reduce the risk of injuries for your loved ones.

Epoxy floor coatings are the most cost-effective solution for people who want to improve the aesthetics and performance of their indoor spaces without spending too much money. If you are considering using them for your current flooring surfaces make sure to hire Iron Drive Garage Floors to apply it. A proper application is crucial to have the best protection and get the most out of your investment. We are a locally owned and operated company in Upstate, SC and want to help you enjoy a high-performance floor.

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